Awesome support, better engagement and happier customers!

ChatPress helps you improve communication with your clients. Easily manage your support chats, and strengthen your customer relationship.

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Awesome support, better engagement and happier customers!


Look Good for Your Clients

With ChatPress your clients will interact with your support team through a pretty and neat interface. They will be able to see their last chats, send screenshots, and attach files, for example.

Look Good for Your Clients


Customize your ChatPress Widget

ChatPress is flexible and customizable! You can choose the colors that match your branding, change the widget position on your app and much more.

Customize your ChatPress Widget


Easy to Use

The ChatPress chat interface is as simple as it gets, without being feature-poor. Reply, Snooze, Assign, and Close conversations with ease.

Easy to Use
And there is more

Awesome Features

Built with and for WordPress

ChatPress is built on top of the biggest open-source platform in the web. We count on a huge community to make it better everyday.

Powered by WP Ultimo

ChatPress was built to prove the power and performance of WP Ultimo, the number one WaaS plugin in the market.


Let your ChatPress app look the way you want and need. You can change colors, position, and much more!


ChatPress is flexible! Our app displays smoothly on your landing page in any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.


ChatPress is easy to use! For you and for your clients. With a clean and tidy interface, your chats are always organized and easy to find.

Awesome Support

We want you to have the best experience possible using ChatPress. We are always available to help!

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